Making your dreams
come through!

Our Plan Our Strategy

What do we have to offer?

We are a team of experts in various fields and combining our expertise we tend to help our community grow with Blockchain as the core tech and Bitcoin as the currency. So, we decided to offer a low risk Investment Scheme to anyone. Strictly Bitcoin! :

  • A 3-Month (min) locked investment plan with insurance
  • An expected return of upto 100% ROI after 3 Months
  • Or an expected return of 20 - 30% ROI monthly dividends
  • A chance to earn enough BTC ready for bull market.


At CryptoVilla, everyone is involve. We have stand-by TA circle, FA circle and team members who plays very crucial roles, contributing immensly into the success of our projects to ensure a success story for every investors while fulfilling our dreams.

Technical Analysis (TA)

Here we don't joke with TA. We combine Indicators such as RSI, MACD, EMA, ADO/AWO and lots more. We construct trendlines at 100% precision.  We study the Candles pattern and we confirm the possible movement with Trend Analysis carried out on the chart at intervals.

Fundamental Analysis (FA)

Just like every other market, the Crypto world is also being moved by news either good or bad.  This is why we have a team set up to always look out for possible news that can trigger TC movement.  Staying abreast of information is the key and we are on top of this!

Risk Management

Investors fund is our life. This is more reason Risk Management control was put in place to ensure nothing goes wrong in any situation.  We control funds professionally using a technique based on 1% Lot-Size and Infinity Secure Zone.  This rule is clearly defined by our team hence the confidence we have which is never doubted.

Compounding Profits

To achieve our dream of becoming the No. 1 Trusted Multi-Millionaire Investment Company in Nigeria, we abide by the power of compounding.  This strategy is greed-proof. We cherish every little profit made in trades in short run which could then turn out big on a long run.  With patience and consistency we expect to reach our target for every investors.


We have studied all Exchanges and we have picked the best ones that fits greatly to our plan and strategy. Check them out below!

Call To Action

ARE YOU READY? If YES, we have everything in place to help you start achieving your dream.

With as low as 0.005 Investment Capital you can begin to draw your plans and budget on your rewards in 3-Month time.  Note this opportunity is open for limited investors to be part of us. It closes when we reach our cap.


We have put together some of the key questions being asked which may interest you as well. Kindly go through them.

CryptoVilla Capital is an Investment Bank/Fund Management firm setup by a team of professionals to help its members (stakeholders) manage their funds in both favorable and unfavorable market situation.

CryptoVilla planned to trade BTC only strategically at an extremely low-risk to yield calculated returns over a short/long period of time.   The profit from this low-risk investment will then be shared at an agreed percentage to shareholders as dividends.

At CryptoVilla, our No. 1 priority is keeping the investors funds safe which will be guaranteed based on our diligence on the very first month.  We have in plan to insure our investors funds. This insurance will begin to cover all funds after the first month (i.e Second month) of entrusting them with us and you will never have to worry about losing your money.  The only risk you are taking is trusting us for the first month which should be easy.

CryptoVilla set a 3-Month minimum freeze period for every investment to mature after which our shareholders can request for either Dividends or both Dividends and Capital.  Should any shareholder feel the urgent need to request earlier than that, we expect you to contact us with reason(s) then our team will look into the case.

Minimum anyone can stake is 0.005BTC and Maximum anyone can stake is 0.10BTC.  This we decided from the survey result collected from our stakeholders a while ago.

CryptoVilla will continue to run the 3-Month program as long as possible. A cycle will mean 3-Month.  But the major goal is to ensure all our shareholders have enough BTC ready for investment into altcoins the very moment we confirmed the Bull Market.

CryptoVilla big dream is to be the No. 1 Blockchain Tech Company in Nigeria with investments channeled to Real-Time projects which appreciates in value overtime.  So for every active shareholders, you automatically have shares in all the Blockchain projects we may be incubating and as the value grows you grow wealthy too. With this alternative plan we expect to have at least 100 set of millionaires through CryptoVilla on a long term scale.  Our investors/shareholders are to be considered as the potential job creators in the nearest future (not exceeding 5years).